Bake Lo

Bake Lo – Native World Inc’s Upcoming Artist

Bake Lo has been in the rap game for quite some time now but it seems that lately he has been making some huge waves and keeps popping up all over. So we at TJF are gonna give you the scoop on the homie Bake. He has been with Native World Inc for a little over a year and his music is incredible and deep. He grew up in Ecorse Michigan, which is on the outskirts of Detroit. Bake LoThis has helped to his give him the gritty and intense lyrics that you can hear in his music, but he expressed that in every song he releases that his intention is to uplift people. Throughout his life he has turned to music to get through tough times and tribulations and he hopes to give others a similar experience. He wants to offer an escape by offering a different perspective other than the negativity or issues they’re going through. Because no matter what you go through, its nice to know you aren’t alone and that others have been through similar situations but they had gotten through them.

But how did he get into music you ask? When I asked him the question, he chuckled and said it was actually a funny story. Bake Lo actually got involved in the music industry out of coincidence. He had friends who had dabbled in it, so of course it piqued his interest. He started throwing together beats, which lead to him to, of course, writing lyrics to go along with them. This has helped him to have the knowledge to mix his own music along with so many other skills that he has acquired. He is a man of many talents, that is for sure, and we only see huge things coming his way! On that note we highly suggest checking out his SoundCloud or find him on Facebook to learn more about the man himself and, of course, his music!

Also, for your ear holes, is Bake Lo’s latest music video ‘Gone Crazy which will be on his upcoming album, The Monster Inside Me. You can also purchase his CDs and merch on!


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