Beginners Guide To The Gathering Part 2Gathering

The Gathering Of The Juggalos pops off in 2 days.  A lot of people are hitting the road today.  Menace and Main G. Dogg hit the road last night.  I (NaptownMike) will be hitting the road tomorrow morning.  We’ve given you a recap of the program already.  Tabitha has given ya some newcomer information.  Now it’s time for part 2 of the Beginners Guide To The Gathering.  This time the information is coming straight from YOU the juggalos.

I’ve asked 2 questions on our facebook page looking for advice to give newbies for the Gathering.  The first question I asked on the True Juggalo Family facebook page was just looking for general advice.  This is what some of you had to say.

Don’t throw shit at artists or wrestlers. We pay a lot to go to the gathering to enjoy ourselves. Some of us actually want to see these artists that some of you ninjas hate. When you throw shit they walk off stage and that robs us of a piece that we paid for. DON’T STEAL FROM FAM.

Don’t be a dick!

Bring everything you could think about that u could possibly need chairs cooler alcohol lol drinks, tp,leave bullshit at home and enjoy the presents of true juggalos bring lots of faygo and hope everyone enjoys this gathering of juggalos

This next one is some good advice for life in general.  Here is what one person had to say.

Don’t stress/worry or let yourself get upset over ignorance/people/life you cant control, think positively, paint up, meet as many fam/ninjas/ninjettes as possible, always be safe, have as much fun as possible b4 passing out drunk, but most of all REMEMBER: AIN’T NO REST FOR THE WICKED! WHOOP WHOOP!!! MMFWCL4L! JUGGALO FAM ALWAYS GOT ONE ANOTHER’S BACK

Finally, the last answer I’m gonna give y’all is this one.

My advice would personally be to always always stay hydrated mad water containers with easy access. TOILET PAPER!! Cannot stress that enough lol soap,shampoo, and always make sure to have a plan of what your going to do for the day plan things accordingly so you don’t miss out on anything you wanna be apart of I printed out the timeline for the gathering risking no damage to the program they give you WHOOP WHOOP…p.s…b ring enough PERSONAL items to last you through the whole event so you don’t risk your or others life’s by driving to GET MORE

Some basics there, but make a list of what ya need to bring before ya pack.  Pack your bags with that list and check em off to make sure you got everything.


Next I asked the fam, if there was ONE thing that you HAD to check out, what should it be.  Here are some of the answers we got.

Don’t miss the seminars! Hang out some at Spazmatic tent. Some great Ninjas chillin there always



Miss juggalette pageant


Twiztid’s Seminar
Those Fackos Should Be
Stand Up Comics

They Are Fackon Hilarious

We also had a couple of people say to check out the wrestling.  The idea I’m gonna throw out because I’m a bit bias, is be sure to check out the 4/20 party.  Some good homies of mine are providing some free food at it.  Plenty of free food to be found at the Gathering if you know where to go.  Don’t be that guy though.  Bring ya own shit.  Don’t be dependent on the good nature of others the whole time you’re there.  Go visit, have a burger or a dog, but don’t make them you’re meal ticket.  Ya feel me?


A week or so a go we published an article of a couple of unofficial events going on at the Gathering.  Things you won’t see in the timeline.  You can find the article of a few unofficial events by clicking HERE