Behind-The-Scenes of "Talk Up On It" Music Video

Behind-The-Scenes of “Talk Up On It” Music Video

“Talk Up One It” has made some major noise and it hasn’t even been released yet. First The Kansas City Star reported on Strange Music’s move to hire a large group of local dancers to preform in the “Talk Up On It” music video, though we weren’t privy to the which song this mob of varied ages were going to be featured on. Then the music video attracted the attention of KCTV News 5 and Fox News 4 Kansas City when they filmed the big dance scene at Union Hall. KCTV News 5 gave us the first behind-the-scenes look at the “Talk Up On It” music video. Then Fox News 4 KC gave us a few words from a couple of the dancers, Krizz Kaliko, and Tech N9ne. Lastly, Kansas City Live conducted an interview with Krizz and Tech which included some input about the “Talk Up On It” music video shoot along with the “Stop the World” shoot and more happens surrounding Krizz Kaliko’s upcoming album GO. Though the “Talk Up On It” single has been on Youtube for a almost a week, this music video is a must see. I know, I for one, am eagerly awaiting this music video. Stay tuned to True Juggalo Family to see this epic music video when it drops. Now, while you wait for this legendary music video watch some behind-the-scenes footage full of dancing and funny business.

“Talk Up On It” Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Read and watch the Making of “Talk Up On It” on the Strange Music Blog.

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