Organizers of the Oreo benefit show in St. Paul, Minnesota are trying to reach out to ICP and Twiztid in hopes of getting them to perform at the benefit for their homie Brian Bielke better known as Oreo.  Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, friends and family are hoping to raise funds to help pay for medical expenses.  They are holding a benefit show on July 17th.  Let’s help them make this go viral and see the Wicked Clowns and the Demented Duo perform and help a ninja out!  Click HERE for the gofundme page.

From their GoFundMePage:If you can imagine someone who is caring, devoted to his friends and family, funny, energetic, full of love and trust, a romantic, doesn’t judge and excepts everyone for who they are, and a complete goof ball! That is exactly who he is. He’s been working for The Good Will for 7 years now as a full time employee. He takes very good care of his cat, Valentino, and leopard gecko, Josie. Oreo’s a Juggalo and is one of ICP’s biggest fan! Sadly, in May 2014, he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. The year before diabetes. Yet, he is a trooper and still lives life to the fullest! He doesn’t let anything keep him down! Oreo is a very the best friend anyone can ask for. This fund is to help him settle medical debts from now and in the future, bills that need to be paid because of all the work he has taken off for his treatments. If we reach our goal and have extra, he would be able to use the access money to do something he may have wanted to do but never had the opportunity to try. My wish is for those that haven’t met Oreo, to please do. He is an amazing person! Those that have known exactly what I mean. Peace be with everyone!

We are hosting a benefit for Oreo at Big V’s in St. Paul, MN on July 17, 2015. Please come join us to this wonderful event! Oreo would love to meet and hangout with everyone supporting him!



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