Bernz and Jarren Benton Discuss “Outta My Brain” Music Video

Bernz outta my brain

Yesterday saw the release of the official music video for “Outta My Brain”, the premiere solo single from Bernz featuring Jarren Benton. The video revolves around scenes of Bernz as a mechanic, dreaming of racing dirt bikes. After that, we see both emcees racing on go karts. So what could all of this possibly mean in relation to the song? Well, in today’s exclusive feature from Strange Music, Bernz and Jarren talk about how the video came to be. The two discuss the characters that they play in the video, how the concept for the production came to be, and how they feel about the whole process of making music videos in general. Bernz had this to say concerning his favorite part about filming the video for “Outta My Brain”:

“You know, I went to film school. So, I love every part of the film making process. I love editing and love sitting in the editing room. I love being in the studio as well – I’m a studio rat. So, I think it has to do with sitting and creating. Making some fun stuff out of it. I love shooting and editing but not preparation. That part sucks.”

To read the entire interview, head over to the Strange Music website and get educated!

This track can be purchased on iTunes, or downloaded instantly when you pre-order Bernz’ upcoming debut solo album, See You On The Other Side.

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