TJF’s Favorite Photos From Passed Out Juggalos From The Gathering!

Every year at the Gathering is always a magical one. When we all get home, there is always a plethora of photos and content. However, that stuff usually comes from sites like us, Faygoluvers, Driven By Boredom and more. On Facebook, there is a notorious page that we all go to and look at but I feel hardly ever gets showcased. So since we all enjoy them so much, we decided to put together a “Best Of” piece . I mean if we enjoy it so much, we the hell not put it out there for others to enjoy too, right?

I always wonder if they are farting when they do this lol


Now this would be something to wake up to!

That smile says it all

Twice the POJ action, double the fun!

Even got the homie CVCTUS bwahaha!

The ladies aren’t safe either

All up on your head ninja, all up in it

Well everyone, there you have it. Some of our personal favorites from the awesome ninjas at Passed Out Juggalos. Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to share it with someone!