Big Ballas Xmas Party Makes an Axedous from Michigan

After 20 consecutive years of  The Big Ballas Xmas Party in Michigan ICP has decided to take the party on the road. They are now going to spread the party to other “clown towns” as stated in Violent J’s “Surprize!” announcement.

  Speaking of Big Ballas X-mas Party, I happen to have some ultra secret, inside information… This year’s Big Ballas X-mas Party in Pontiac, Mi. just so happens to be, the absolute FINAL and LAST Big Ballas X-mas Party that will ever take place in Michigan!!! After this year, from 2016 on, we will be taking the infamous and legendary Big Ballas X-mas Parties out of town and on the road, each and every year!  That’s right, this is the very last one we will be having in Michigan! We’ve had it in Michigan for 20 straight years now. It’s about time we start showing some other clown towns some holiday love as well, so if you’ve never been to a Michigan, Big Balla X-mas Party, this is your last and final chance to attend!  Because starting next year, the party will be hittin’ the road, jack!

This news is pretty fuckin’ stale to hear for the Michigan family. Though you still big ballas xmas partyhave one last chance to experience the Big Ballas Xmas Party in Michigan or, at least, for the first and last time. But, all the Juggalos who have always wanted to go the Big Ballas Xmas Party now have their chance. Well, next year they will, at least. Juggalos will be at the edge of thier seats next winter finding out which “clown towns” it will visit.

CharityConsidering this year’s Xmas Party is the finale to the RassleRap Charity Festival tour makes one wonder if next year’s X-mas Party tour will be for charity. Now, that’s a new Juggalo tradition that would be ultra fresh and in the spirit of the season. If you are not able to make it to the last Michigan Xmas Party or the RassleRap tour you can still give this year. If you haven’t heard Hatchetgear is selling Rassle Rap T-shirts that are dope as fuck. Maybe you can wear it to next year’s Xmas party tour.

rasslerap t-shirt


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