big show Paul Randall Wight Jr

The Big Show Comfirms WrestleMania 33 Match in Interview

Paul Randall Wight Jr, better known at The Big Show, revealed his opponent for WrestleMania 33 in an interview with Shanghai Daily. The Big Show will be fighting NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. That news really blew me away! Both athletes have had long careers including some acting. Both are what you may call gentle giants. It is quite an interesting match up.

It will be one hell of a match. Wight told Shanghai Daily, “We’ll have one heck of a match and we’ll see what’s up. We’ll give the fans a treat.” It is one hell of a match up! Two giants pitted against each other in the ring. That’s only the first comfirmed match.

WrestleMania will take place at Camping World Statium in Orlando, Flordia on April 2, 2017. Bet you can’t wait for it already!

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