Black Ink Origin

Strange Music‘s Prozak sat down with HipHopDX News Editor, Soren Baker, for an interview.  Prozak has released numerous projects with dark subject matter, and his recent work, Black Ink, is explained.

“The title Black Ink came from a lot of things actually, but essentially I was watching a documentary and there was a gentleman talking about the moment of death and he had actually passed away for five minutes, and he described it as black ink being poured into his eyes,” Prozak said on October 8th. “He used the analogy, like right now if you were to close your eyes it’s dark but you still see some light and he said when he passed away there was nothing but black ink, just pure blackness. That just stuck with me… To me black ink is everything.”

Next, Prozak talks about his reasons for the dark parts of his music.

“It’s just a morbid sense of being human,” he said. “I remember being a little kid and watching Night of the Living Dead. I snuck up and watched it when I wasn’t supposed to. I couldn’t figure out what are these zombie things. Why are they coming out of the ground and it was explained to me that when you die you get buried and [I asked] ‘Well you don’t die unless you get killed, right?’ And they’re like no, everybody dies. I was five/six years old trying to understand that and that just kind of triggered this.”

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