blaze interview

Blaze Ya Dead Homie was interviewed by Terry Heck from AXS at the Twiztmas Party in Pontiac. In a back room where you can hear the muffled sounds of a concert Blaze answers questions about his latest projects, things to come in the future, and some personal affairs.

In this Blaze interview he explains how his soon to be released Casket Factory (1-15-15) is really the biggest record he has done. As a passing note he says there will be different versions of the new album. He also mentioned touring for it in Feburary of next year with Lex The Hex. He has already filmed one video for the album and is planning on recording a video for “Worm Food” next.

Blaze list some collaborations he is planning on and some he probably will never do but would be super dope, like Ozzy.  All artist have their own favorites. They all bounce inspiration off each other and inspire one another. For Blaze, collaborations are his opportunity to work with those who he admires.

Blaze talks about his relationship with Twiztid. These three go way back. Blaze even states that he could have been a part of Twitzid. They are close homies, therefore it only makes sense he is apart of Majik Ninja Entertainment. This conversation goes on to talk more about the Family at large. Blaze, of course, explains his love for the Family and how he would like to see it expand. He says his main goal is to expose his music and bring more ninjas into the Family.

The interview ends with some questions about Blazes’ personal tastes. He states he has switched from blunts to joints because of a new rolling technique Twiztid showed him. Also, “This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Root Beer” is the best alcoholic root beer and a favorite drink of his.

Blaze Interview


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