Now that we’ve toured the Factory, it’s time to meet the Maker. Just after releasing The Casket Factory less than a week ago, Blaze Ya Dead Homie announced The Casket Maker EP to be sold at the Casket Factory Tour. Blaze just brought double the freshness you thought he would on one fabulous tour.  It’s like a double album when you just though you were getting one EP.

Blaze the Casket Maker EP Blaze The Casket Maker EP Available on the Casket Factory Tour!

Majik Ninja Entertainment also dropped that not only do you have a chance to get the new Casket Maker EP on the Casket Factory tour, but you’ll also get a chance to cop the new debut album by Lex the Hex, The Black Season EP.

blaze the casket maker

Get your tickets the The Casket Factory Tour and don’t forget VIP packages are available too. These EP’s are only available on the tour so grab up your tickets and get out to the show.


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