Blaze Ya Dead Homie – America’s Favorite Deadman Turns 40

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Happy happy birthday what! That’s right, juggalos. Today is Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s birthday! The Deadman has been making killer music for quite a while, including collaborations with the likes of Twiztid, ICP, The R.O.C., Anybody Killa, and so much more. Although he is now a proud member of the Majik Ninja Entertainment crew, we can’t ever forget that he started out on Psychopathic. With albums like 1 Less G In The Hood and Gang Rags, Blaze easily made a name for himself within the juggalo community. Now with┬áthe hit album The Casket Factory as his first original release off MNE, the Casket Maker is still bringing the wicked and tearing up stages across the United States and Canada. Since today is his big day, let’s celebrate by bumping some of the top Blaze Ya Dead Homie hits! Enjoy.


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