Blaze Ya Dead Homie Bringing The Wicked To Boise

Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boise, The Examiner

Blaze Ya Dead Homie has been tearing up stages left and right since the release of his latest album, The Casket Factory, back in January. With the Canadian Juggalo Invasion Tour coming to a close, it is obvious that he has no plans of stopping anytime soon! In fact, once again joining Twiztid and other members of the Majik Ninja Entertainment crew, the Deadman will be touring the United States. This, of course, includes 420 Weekend. To help the ninjas in Boise, Idaho get ready for the Blaze’s return on April the, The Examiner did a super fresh write-up of the Deadman’s legacy!

Hop over to their official website and check it out!

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