Blaze Ya Dead Homie Calls In To Twisters Music

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Blaze Ya Dead Homie has been busier than ever these days! Before and after the release of The Casket Factory, the Deadman has been partaking in several interviews with different outlets. At his recent tour stop in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Blaze called in to speak with Twisters Music website. He goes on to speak about his history with the Demented Duo Twiztid, as well as hinting about the video for “Who U Lookin’ 4” being dropped within a few weeks. The interviewer, Bruce Lenzi, comments on how Blaze’s music reminds him of several artists, ie. Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne, and Rob Zombie. An interesting mix, but certainly complimentary. The rest of the interview goes into detail about what’s next for Blaze, including upcoming tours after The Casket Factory and his continuous grind.

Listen to the stream below and hear all that the Deadman has to say:

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