Blaze Ya Dead Homie Interview With Side Stage Magazine

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

With the recent release of The Casket Factory, everyone has been wondering about Blaze Ya Dead Homie and what kind of processes he went through in order to unleash such a wicked creation. Feedback for the album itself has been across the boards positive, including making Top 10 lists at a couple music stores. Now that the album is out and his new persona has been revealed, how exactly did Blaze get into the zone for the devastating entity that is The Casket Factory? Well, Side Stage Magazine recently got an opportunity to speak with the Deadman himself. In a phone call, Blaze spoke a little about how he perceives the album, considering it “A rebirth”. He went into detail about the kind of production behind the album, as well as how he prepares himself for touring and performing. The very detailed interview- conducted by Robbie Rodriguez– certainly reveals a lot about the Majik Ninja Entertainment artist and a bit of what goes on inside his head.

Check out Side Stage Magazine to find out more on what makes Blaze Ya Dead Homie so proud of his brand new album, The Casket Factory!

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