Blaze Ya Dead Homie Interviewed By LivingTheVanLife

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

The Casket Factory has been out for nearly a month now, and many ninjas are loving it! The fresh new look and sound of the Deadman have really gotten the fam excited about what this year has in store for the Majik Ninja Entertainment artist. He’s done a few interviews already throughout the month of January, and another has come out from a blog called LivingTheVanLife. They had the chance to talk with Blaze recently, getting in depth with what makes the album different and even how he would survive a zombie apocalypse:

7. This is our most popular question right now: In the event of a zombie apocalypse how and how long would you survive? I would definitely be looking to stockpile guns and ammunition… Canned goods an such… Think my main concern would be dealing with everyone else’s crazy shit, so I would stay in relatively tight knit groups… Yeah I’d probably be dead or, left for dead within a few weeks… Like I said I can’t be dealing with others peoples shit…

You can check out the exclusive interview on their website.

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