Blaze Ya Dead Homie Talks With J. Simpson of Hardcore Shots

Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Shortly after the release of his latest album The Casket Factory, Blaze Ya Dead Homie set out to tour the North Side with fellow Majik Ninja Entertainment artist, Lex the Hex Master. Before his departure, however, J. Simpson of Hardcore Shots scored an opportunity to interview America’s favorite Deadman. Their talk goes in-depth on the whole process of recording and writing for The Casket Factory, as well as going back in time to the Psychopathic days. He speaks in terms of what’s different with MNE, as well as Blaze’s thoughts on bringing in the likes of Boondox and Anybody Killa for the tracks “Who U Lookin’ 4” and “Ratchet”. Juggalos really get an inside look at the Deadman’s way of thinking through questions such as this:

Is there a concept on this album?

I mean… the clear concept here is: This is the casket factory… Come on in. Everybody’s gonna be somewhere but there not at the end of the life. Whether you’re gonna be visiting a spot where you’re going to be burnt up or not. Or if you’re going to be resting somewhere forever. There’s always a final resting place… and this was mine. This is it… the casket factory. Where everybody’s coming to rest.

To read the rest of this dope interview, you can check out J. Simpson’s blog!

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