BloodyMania Results


It’s Time For Bloody “Fuckin” Mania!

Commentators: Kevin Gill and Shaggy 2 Dope

Match #1:
Fatal 4 Way
Hyzaya vs. “The Iron Demon” Shane Mercer vs. Warchild vs. Matt Cross
Warchild Would Go Onto defeat Hyzaya;“The Iron Demon” Shane Mercer and MDOGG Matt Cross

Bloodymania,Bloodymania 10, JCW, Samantha Heights,Crazy Mary Dobson,wrestling,

Match #2:
Samantha Heights vs. Crazy Mary Dobson
Crazy Mary Dobson would go on to defeat Samantha Heights

Match #3:
Triple Threat Hardcore
Chuey Martinez vs. Mosh Pit Mike vs. Mad Man Pondo
Chuey Martinez would go on to defeat Mosh Pit Mike, and JCW legend Mad Man Pondo in a bloody match and ended in chants consisting of “Mosh Pit Mike! Chuey!Mosh Pit Mike! Chuey!Mosh Pit Mike! Chuey!

Segment #1:
Violent J came out and shot a promo which leads to Rude Boy entering  the JCW Hall of Fame and announcing  his retirement.

Bloodymania,Bloodymania 10,JCW, Violent J,Rude Boy,

Bloodymania,Bloodymania 10, colt,cabana, swaggle, jcw,

Match #4:
Officer Colt Cabana vs. Swaggle
Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Swoggle would go onto defeat Cabana

Match #5:
Tag Team
2 Tuff Tony and Tommy Dreamer vs. Ruff Crossing and Shigahiro

2 Tuff Tony and Tommy Dreamer would go on to win and celebrate with some good alcohol

Bloodymania, Bloodymania 10, JCW, wrestling,

Match #6:
Fatal 4 Way TLC
JCW Tag Team Championship
The Viking War Party vs. The Hooligans vs. Ring Rydas vs. Super Strong Tiger and Spider Monkey (c)

The Ring Rydas would go onto capture the win and once again become the JCW Tag Team Champions

Match #7:
3-Way Tag Team
Violent J and 2 Tuff Tony and Rude Boy vs. The Rednecks
Violent J(did amazing considering all those years of ‘ring rust’) and 2 Tuff Tony and Rude Boy would go onto defeat The Rednecks

(It’s not the whole video, just The intro. Worth watching)

Match #8:
Triple Threat
JCW Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Willie Mack vs. Kongo Kong (c)
Kongo Kong would retain his JCW Heavyweight Championship by defeating Former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy, and Willie Mack

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