blunt and a ho music video

New Blunt and A Ho Music Video

Today Strange Music uploaded the brand new Blunt and a Ho music video from Tech N9ne’s latest Collabos album, Strangeulation Vol. II. The new music video stars Tech N9ne and MURS as Cheech and Chong look a likes. The video straight up looks like an Up in Smoke parody. The famous scene with the girl snorting AJAX included. I suppose she is the Ho in Blunt and a Ho. Since the song is also about puffing on a blunt, it only makes sense Tech would be sporting a big ol’ blunt. Though that blunt looks more like Chong’s famous doberman joint.

The Blunt and a Ho music video really shows the more humerus side of Tech and MURS and Ubiquitous, for that matter. Ubiquitous and more of the strange crew were the secret agents chasing Tech and MURS around. It seems in the end MURS and Tech escape scot-free just like Cheech and Chong do in the movie. This video really brings back old memories of Up in Smoke. The video has a B-movie feel to it reflecting the production style of the original film which just adds to the humor of the video. Overall it’s very entertaining. Give it a watch. You won’t be disappointed, in fact, you may just laugh your ass off.

Blunt and a Ho Music Video


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