Boondox New Album “The Murder” Is The Scarecrow, Reborn!


At the beginning of this year, the Majik Ninja Entertainment crew dubbed 2017 the “Year Of The Sword”. It is only March, yet they are certainly proving that notion! Twiztid released their latest record The Continuous Evilution Of Life’s ?’s in January, while Gorilla Voltage released their debut album Ape-X in February. Now that were are already into the Spring season, yet another album is on the shelves. Just released yesterday, the brand new album from Boondox titled The Murder is already making a great impression!

Now I’ll be honest in saying that prior to this, I was not a big fan of Boondox. Once I learned that he signed with MNE however, I decided that I may as well give his new music a chance. After the release of his single and video for “Peck Your Eyes Out”, I realized that the new Boondox may just be the better one. That is in no way trying to put him down, but his older work just isn’t my cup of tea. I’m glad to say that PYEO helped begin to change my mind. So with the album officially on the market, what is the rest of it like? Well I’m here to tell all of you, coming straight from my own mind. So without further ado, let’s get into my review of The Murder.

Much like his fellow Majik Ninjas, Boondox is never one to skip out on a bit of theatrics. The introduction to the album, “Welcome”, is a subtle yet effective reminder that the Scarecrow is alive and well. I believe it works perfectly as a means to flow straight into “Peck Your Eyes Out”, which is exactly what it does. I’ve already mentioned PYEO, but I’d also like to say that the catchy feel of the song really helps to set the tone of the album. It has bits and pieces of the sound of Boondox’ work pre-Majik Ninja Entertainment, but with a style all its own. In other words, Boondox seems to have been totally revamped.

The third track “Throw Away” featuring Jamie Madrox has a different vibe altogether, but it certainly doesn’t take away from anything. The overall message is one that I believe a lot of us can relate to, myself included. With Madrox a part of it, I really can’t complain about this song.

Moving on to “Bloodletting”, it’s clear that Boondox likes to keep a few surprises in store. This track is polar opposite to “Throw Away”, which in some ways probably makes it more effective. It has a sense of foreboding in it, almost like an old horror film. With the eerie sounds in the background plus the creepy chorus, “Bloodletting” is classic wicked shit.

Up next, “Feed The Machine” is a clear shout to everything that has been happening within the United States. Although it has really come to a head in recent months, the truth is that political drama has been around for a very long time. I can appreciate the fact that Boondox dedicated a song to this problem, making it more obvious that everyday people are not the only ones effected. More than anything, the track speaks to the issue of being lied to by politicians and media alike. In my mind, it’s always refreshing to see musicians reaching out to their fans in such a way.

Speaking of connecting with fans, the following track on The Murder is titled “Free Soul”. This one has such a carefree vibe to it, yet the message is very meaningful. If you’ve been feeling a little lost or just out of sorts lately, I think this song may be the one for you.

The next two songs, “Purge” featuring Twiztid and “Cannibalistic Prodigal Misfit”, are a bit different in style. However, they both have a strong taste of the wicked shit to them. Of course most things from Boondox are as such, but at the same time, these tracks seem to be on a whole other level. The mix of Boondox, Madrox, and Monoxide really fits well, in my opinion.

Now I won’t lie when I say that I was very surprised to see the name Bubba Sparxxx mentioned on an MNE album. However, having him join Boondox and Madrox on the song “Born In Fire” worked out extremely well. For someone considered mainstream, Sparxxx really knows how to switch it up and help make a dope track.

So the track “I’m A Mess” ins’t necessarily my favorite off this album, but I do understand the message and can appreciate it. That being said, I believe one of my top tracks would be the next one, “Sittin’ On The Porch” featuring Jamie Madrox. This song is very classic Boondox, but with a refreshing new-school twist. It reminds me a lot of “Sippin'”, which we all know is already a juggalo favorite.

The final two tracks on The Murder also feature Madrox, titled “They Don’t Understand” and “Terminus”. Each one carries a meaningful message, bringing forward a feeling of connection and overall understanding. In other words, I find myself easily relating to the words in these songs. In a lot of ways, they help to remind me of some of what made me a juggalo to begin with.

In conclusion, let me just say that despite being skeptical at first, I am a big fan of this album. Mind you, this is again coming from someone who never really liked anything from Boondox before. So if I can change my mind, so can any of you! I hope ya’ll enjoyed my review, and be sure to check out The Murder on iTunes or Spotify, through Twiztid Shop, or by visiting your local music stores.