bootleg of the dayton family problems music video

Bootleg of the Dayton Family Releases Problems Music Video

problems ep bootleg of the the dayton familyEver wonder about what happen to Bootleg from The Dayton Family? Well, he is back and producing some fire solo projects. Since his release from prison Bootleg has been absorbed in producing some quality music. He latest project is this dope music video Problems. The track comes from his Problems EP which you can purchase on Bootleg’s Official Website.

The Problems music video has some amazing and dirty visuals that really drive the point home. It’s definitely something many can identify with who have ever dealt with addiction or anything that pulls you away from what is really important in life. Check out the Problems music video below and a brief bio of Bootleg for those interested in his journey back to the lime light.

Problems, Bootleg of The Dayton Family

Ira “Bootleg” Dorsey of The Infamous Dayton Family

Who is Ira “Bootleg” Dorsey? In the late 80’s early 90’s, the media and the public said he was a monster, felon,addict,womanizer,pimp,gangsta,drug dealer and one of the greatest con-artist that ever lived. Let’s fast forward to 1997-98 the rumor of him being a felon became reality and his own uncle-in-law that was a narcotics officer in Flint,Michigan was so jealous of “Bootleg”, he set him up and got him convicted on several drug charges!

Before”Bootleg” was convicted he was one of the founding members of the infamous Rap group “The Dayton Family” that dropped two successful albums entitled “What’s On My Mind” and “FBI” and this is a hidden secret the industry don’t want you to know about, both these albums has sold at least 700,000 to a million copies apiece with “No” promotions!

While “Bootleg” was in Prison he was cleverly writing and creating his solo album to take the music industry by storm, not knowing what record label was going to support it and put it out. He was certain that he had burned bridges with “Relativity Records”/Sony because of him going to prison, but he knew this new music will get heard. “Bootleg” recalls one cold winter day he got a visit in prison from “Cliff Cultteri” that travel all the way from New York, New York, the big music executive and the brains behind “Relativity Records”. Cliff offered “Bootleg” a recording contract to record solo albums for “Relativity Records” and “Bootleg” was very excited! As this situation unfolds “Bootleg” knew that the label had beat “The Dayton Family” out of a lot of money on their previous releases and was a big part of dividing and conquering and tarnishing the names and removing anyone that knew the music business away from them so they could continue cheating them out of their earnings. Read the full bio on

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