Bossip Impressed With Darrein Safron’s Musical Life

darrein safron bossip

Yesterday was the official release date for newly signed Strange Music artist Darrein Safron’s debut project, The Brilliant EP. While reception concerning the EP has been mixed, it is clear that the Bossip news site has love for the newcomer. In a past article, they helped announce the single “All For You” featuring Tech N9ne, which is also the first track on the EP. This time around, Bossip whole-heartedly praises Safron for his amazing work and heavy amount of perseverance.

We get the chance to learn so much more about the artist, bringing an all-around understanding of where he comes from and who he is. When asked about his upbringing, Safron had this to say…

“I would do music with him all around St. Louis. When I was growing up, my dad would play nothing but old school soul music from artists like Stevie Wonder, James Brown and a lot of Motown music. Just picture a little white kid singing Sam Cooke songs in a club [laughs]. Music has been in me since I could walk. It’s who I am.”

If this intimate look into the mind of Darrein Safron isn’t enough to convince skeptics of his talents, I’m not sure what else could. To check out the rest of the article, hop over to the Bossip website. You can also purchase The Brilliant EP from iTunes.

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