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How to Gathering with your Kids

My first time bringing my kid to the Gathering of the Juggalos was by accident. The babysitter, which was my moter-in-law, backed out only a couple days before we were to leave. It was decision time. We either had to cancel this trip we’ve been planning for months or take my our daughter with us. After consulting friends, we decided to take her. The consensus was that even if we only could stay a day it was worth it. The tickets were already bought along with everything we needed for the trip. So, we took our 6 year old daughter to our second trip to the Gathering of the Juggalos.

That first year Gathering with our daughter turned out fabulous. She stuck through the whole 4 days like a champ. This was at the Cave-in-Rock location which was hot and out in the middle of nowhere. She took a hose shower like a pro and gathered her heart out! She is now a professional Gather-er attending three Gatherings so far. That first Gathering her attitude improved becoming more of a team player in the family of three and just displaying a better mood like most gather-ers do.

While at the Gathering of the Juggalos many said they wished they had brought their children. Very few Juggalos had brought their kids that year, but we did find one mother who brought hers. They hung out with us quite a bit that year. Since that Gathering I’ve seen more and more children of all ages attending the Gathering including Violent JJ, Violent J’s son. It’s seems we started a trend or it’s just the fact Juggalos are getting older and bringing in the next generation.

Pictures from our Daughter’s First Gathering of the Juggalos

When we got back from that Gathering and shared our pictures, those who hadn’t even gone to the Gathering ridiculed us for bringing our child. All the reasons we were ridiculed were unfouned. One major issue people gawked at is the nakdness. This is something she didn’t notice as she was having too much fun of her own to notice. FYI, kids don’t care what adults do for fun since they are too busy having their own fun. Then, of course, the drug use came up. Well, she didn’t notice that either, especially since that mostly happens at night and she always feel asleep by the end of the mainstage show. She just had fun in the bounce houses, carnival rides, and day time events. Take note also that she is only about a month apart in age from Violent JJ which she met at his first and her second Gathering. Overall Juggalos gave her much respect while she was there and I felt she was very safe the whole time. It’s family after all!

All in all, The Gathering of the Juggalos can be an amazing bonding experience with your kid or kids. Parents have been bringing their kids to music festivals since Woodstock. Don’t be afraid to bring yours. You can always party after they pass out and trust me they don’t get back up until morning. Plus, they will have fun too. At the last Gathering my daughter and I danced straight throught the Flosserdomus set together. My daughter even won second place on the Gong Show! Not to mention bringing our kid or kids to the Gathering will prepare them for when they want to go on their own. It’s a great bonding and learning experience for them. So, let’s all gather together as a whole Juggalo Family!

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