The Man Chronicling Insane Clown Posse

ICP phto by TJFphotog Ed Steele

Recently, rock critic Steve Miller was interviewed by the ninjas over at Broadly about the critically-acclaimed book detailing the lifestyles of those in the Juggalo community, including myself. Steve has written about everybody from Iggy Pop to Johnny Ramone. His new book examines how Insane Clown Posse went from a small Detroit rap group to a band on Disney’s record label to on the FBI’s  gang list.

Here is a small snippet from that interview:

Broadly: Why did you decide to write a book about ICP and Juggalos?
Steve Miller: I like ICP anyway, and it was the FBI thing that sent me over the edge. I understood what had happened with regards to the Justice Department’s decision to put Juggalos on the Gang Threat Assessment list. I knew it was a raw deal, and there was a First Amendment issue. It’s a combination of ICP being good—and for some reason being branded as bad—and Juggalos being misbranded, and then the FBI.

How did the cops start profiling Juggalos?
They profiled Juggalos the same way they profiled anybody else. They realize there were people that they could target. They maybe saw so and so committed a crime, so now you’ve got to watch these guys. Oh, you’ve got a Hatchet on your car? We gotta watch these guys. It’s a form of profiling. It was wrong headed. They said, “These guys have a tendency to crime,” and they got it wrong.

They simply assumed that Juggaloism leads to crime. The fact they saw was a guy that was a Juggalo committed a crime, maybe two, maybe three. Then they’re starting to go, Juggalos must be criminals. What do Juggalos do? They hang out here. They gather at other places.

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