Ash vs Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell Tells Us About Season 2’s “Worst Death”

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After a spectacular first season of Ash vs Evil Dead, you could definitely say that it isn’t lacking in any area, especially with gore. Sam Raimi, the director of the first two Evil Dead films should be proud that it has lived up to all the traditions and aspects of the cult classics. They spilled enough fake blood to fill up a damn hotel pool and seemed to revel in discovering new concepts for Ash to take out those damn pesky Deadites.

According to Bruce Campbell, all the blood and carnage in season 1 was just merely a prelude as to what to expect for season 2. Toting  that season 2  will be even more amazing, according to and interview done with EW:

There’s an episode that’s basically around the Delta,” said Campbell “It’s a pretty interesting episode, with perhaps the worst onscreen death in the history of all visual arts. ‘Worst’ meaning ‘most outrageous.’ Like, ‘Am I really watching this happening? Am I really watching this unfold in front of me?’”

While Campbell is famous for his love of overstatement and exaggeration, when a man best associated for human dismemberment with a chainsaw guarantees the worst onscreen death ever, one tends to take note. Raimi – who serves as a producer on AvED – and company have a long history of creating creative and smart gore sequences, and Campbell’s tease above is likely to only grow fan anticipation for season 2.

Campbell also unveiled that Evil Ash will return to cause more havoc in season 2:

Well, he seems to pop up, that Evil Ash, he’s a tricky one. Ash always has internal struggles, let’s just say that.

Evil Ash’s character are likely to get even crazier this time out, since the legal obstacles preventing AvED from mentioning the events of Army of Darkness have been eliminated. This October, it’ll be time to “hail to the king, baby” once again.