Ash VS Evil Dead “Brujo”

episode 4

Airing tomorrow on Starz at 9 p.m. EST, Episode 4 of Ash vs. Evil Dead, “Brujo.”  According to TV Guide, “An unlikely alliance develops as Ash and the team uncover a new clue, but Kelly pays a price.”

If you have not seen Episode 3, Books from Beyond, you should.  Gabriel Bergmoser from Den of Geek wrote a fabulous review about the episode.  Basically, in the last episode, the audience got to see some action as Ash summons a “nerd” demon, while also getting a little deeper knowledge of the characters’ personalities.  One of the characters featured was Lucy Lawless, who may or may not enter the fray of a havoc world.

Be aware that what you read next is all based on speculation:

So, as TV Guide had stated “an unlikely alliance,” could Lucy and Ash team up?  Or possibly Amanda and Ash?  It seems impossible that Ash and Amanda could become allies in Brujo since Amanda holds an unrelenting grudge against Ash.  The grudge came about when her partner was killed by the Deadite plague, which she believes Ash had something to do with because of his supernatural powers.  Either way, the alliance will more-than-likely have something to do with Ash, and possibly Kelly and Pablo.

Now, for the clue.  A clue usually helps people find things, and if there was any evidence in the episode before, Ash and the others are trying to track something down.  However, everything has a price, and in these situations, that cost is usually pretty heavy.

Find out tomorrow, at 9 p.m. what this clue is and who makes the alliance.  Also, watch the development of the characters in Episode 4 – Brujo, and pray that there may be a possibility that Amanda’s grudge will lessen so that she may also join the journey Ash is on.



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