Buddha TripleSix

Hey Fam! How’s it going? My name’s CJ. But I go by Buddha TripleSix. I’ve been down for over 10 years. I also help run Juggalo Gamers. I stream games (PC and PS4) on twitch.tv. I’m also in the process of doing videos. I live in eastern New York. Right next to Massachusetts (Home Away from home) I’m into HorrorCore. I’m a member of the LSP Death Squad. I’m apart of the Twiztid street team for New York. I like hockey, Hunting, horror movies, comedies. And driving (anything that goes over 50MPH is great for me!) I’m a huge fan of local hard rock bands in my area.

If Ya’ll would like to know more you can always hit me up on Twitter and Tumblr

twitter @ BuddhaTripleSix
Tumblr @ BuddhaTripleSixxx
Thanks homies! MCL!



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