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13 FullMoons: Camp Fire Horror Stories Freshness Galore!

3Stack Squad Inc has much freshness to share with the Family. First, there is the trailer for Camp Fire Horror Stories (Terrors from the Hood) which you can check out below. There are already 45,000 hard copies on pre-order though the horror film releases on April 1. The free soundtrack featuring Project Born will be available on their website 13 Fullmoons 3 Stack. To add to the Camp Fire Horror Stories freshness, our homies will be airing their Juggalo TV show weekly on DATV, Southwest Ohio public access. Check out the live stream below of the announcement of their TV broadcast contract. It will air every Friday at 11:30pm to start at a date to be announced. The stream also announces their new Independent Juggalo Wrestling dubbed HCW (Horror Championship Wrestling) which will be Live and on PPV. The PPV is only 3 bucks and promises to be some real hardcore underground wrestling. They also talk about their contribution to the Flint Water Crisis and introduce their newest member and HCW champion Dominick Mccool during the live stream. Check out all this freshness below.

Camp Fire Horror Stories (Terrors from the Hood) Trailer

Juggalo TV Show and Wrestling Announcement

Free Soundtrack Available Soon!

camp fire horror stories free soundtrack

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