Cannibal Dies Saving Mother And Child


Cannibal aka Thomas Cottingham, a ninja beloved by many, lost his life late last night. Today is a sad day for the Juggalo community. I didn’t know this ninja, but his story is one that must be told. He died defending a mother and her child at a bus stop last night. You may recognize this ninja from this years Juggalo Psypher at the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos seen below.

Juggalo Psypher

I have received many messages from others informing me of what happened. It’s sad indeed, but at the same time, this is a man whom we can all be proud of Thomas for standing strong defending a mom and child in distress. As much as I want to do this article justice, I can not. Our close homies over at, I think said it best:


The art of emceeing was a way of life for a man like Cannibal. East Coast Juggalos recall with fondness his freestyles and endless battles spit with fury outside Philly venues, a staple of the late 90s and early 2000s. His Juggalo story goes back to the days when we would happily cut class just to stand out alongside the Electric Factory at 6 a.m. and spit freestyle flows, rain, sleet, snow, or hail. (Call us postal.) It was a different time then. And we were just kids. But that was a long time ago…

No stranger to life on the streets, Cannibal fell off from the scene when he served a long bid for assault. The rowdy problem child did his time, humbled, and emerged again to seek the fellowship of the Juggalo Family, a changed man but yet still untamed. This was a man they called the Cannibal. The wild one. The fierce warrior.

And in one final tragic twist of fate, Cannibal’s story became one of ultimate sacrifice and redemption.

For those of you wanting to know more about the situation we have included some information from the Wilmington Police Department.


The investigation into the circumstances and events of  last night’s homicide in the 1000 block of King Street continued into the early morning hours today. The investigation revealed that the suspect, identified as Calvin Hooker, III, 25 of Wilmington, first confronted a 21 year old female victim who was walking in the area of 10th and N. Walnut Street with her infant daughter in a stroller. The suspect approached the female and made reference to a stolen phone.The female continues to walk  in a westerly direction on 10th Street, realizing   Calvin Hooker,III, is  still behind her. Once the victim enters the 1000 block of N. King Street, Calvin Hooker,III, unprovoked, brandished a large knife and  attempted to attack the female victim  while chasing her around the bus stop located in the block.  The female victim  attempted to enter an occupied DART bus to elude the attack. A 27 year old man, identified as Thomas Cottingham, of Wilmington, intervened and tried to stop the attack of the female who was still attempting to enter the bus with her child secured in the stroller. Calvin Hooker, III,   then proceeded to stab Thomas  Cottingham in the back area.  Thomas Cottingham manages to get away approximately 30 feet where he collapses. Calvin Hooker,III, follows Thomas  Cottingham and continued to stab him several more times in the upper torso before fleeing on foot.

With bystander cooperation, Wilmington Police  units who had responded into the area were directed to 9th and N. Market Street where Calvin  Hooker,III, had entered a separate DART bus which was idle at the bus stop. As officers attempted to enter the bus, Calvin  Hooker,III, exits the bus. Officers observe Calvin Hooker,III, to be in possession of a large knife and issue numerous verbal commands to drop the knife. Hooker refuses and begins to flee south into the 800 block of N. Market Street into an alley way which leads to the 800 block of N. King Street. Additional officers  who had responded into the area were able to deploy a  Electronic Control Device, striking Calvin Hooker,III, causing him to drop the knife and fall to the ground where he was immediately placed into custody.

Continued investigative efforts along with the  cooperation of Delaware Transit Cooperation investigators and numerous, cooperating concerned citizens led to the Delaware Department of Justice authorizing arrest warrants for Calvin Hooker, III for the following charges:

*Murder 1st Degree

*Possession of a Deadly Weapon During the Commission of a Felony

*Aggravated Menacing

*Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon

*Endangering the Welfare of a Child

*Resisting Arrest With Force

Calvin Hooker,III is currently being held without bail and is to be committed to the Howard Young Correctional Facility.

The unprovoked  attack was determined be random in nature and no relationship could be established between any of the involved persons. Thomas Cottingham , unselfishly placed himself in harm’s way, protecting a young woman and her child from immanent danger.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with additional information in reference to this investigation is asked to call Detective Brian Conkey at 302-576-3660. Additionally, the Homicide- Confidential Hotline may be utilized at 302-576-3939.

Furthermore, if you’re in the Wilmington area, they are currently holding a vigil in honor of Cannibal in Rodney Square. At this time, there has not been any mention of a benefit or anywhere donations can be made. If and when that information becomes available, TJF will gladly do everything we can to honor this ninja.

MCL & RIP Cannibal