Do You Hate Carl of the Walking Dead?



First off, who out there HATES Carl Grimes?  If you hate Carl, that you may want to read what this woman wrote.  If you do not hate Carl, like me, then you will most likely despise this journalist.  Now, with that being said, enjoy the article.


Nick Venable writes for Cinema Blend website and on September 9th, he writes an article about The Walking Dead‘s Carl Grimes and how much the kid sucks.  He titled it, “Aparently The Walking Dead Is Going To Let Carl Stop Sucking“.

This is how it starts out:

“Let’s kick things off with some full disclosure for those not already aware: I hate The Walking Dead‘s Carl Grimes in a way that’s probably unhealthy, as I could be putting that energy into something more helpful, like raising my children to not be like Carl.”

Continuing on that trend, Venable‘s article states how in Season 6, he and all the other Carl-haters can finally look forwards to watching Carl this season because of, not the action’s he performs, but the lines he produces.

At a 2015 Fan Expo in Canada, Chandler Riggs (Carl), Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Lennie James (Morgan) were all there for a Q&A with fans of the show.  One fan asked what each actor’s favorite lines were and they all ended up saying Carl had the best lines.  James describes it like this:

“My favorite line isn’t actually one of my favorite lines, it’s a line that Chandler says int he new season.  And it is utterly and completely brilliant…(brief pause to allow fans’ cheering)…It is probably the best line ever!”

After this, Venable states,images (3)

“I’ll admit that by itself, nothing Carl says is going to completely turn me over to his side, but I’m more than willing to hear him utter what sounds like it might be one of the best TV quotes of the year.”

The one quote Venable loves the most is from the actual comics.  Carl says, “You fucking fuckwards can go fuck yourselves.”  He hopes that AMC will allow him to say it, but Venable doubts it.  Otherwise, the rest of Venable‘s article states that a few other character’s will also have favorite likes such as Abraham.