Blaze Ya Dead Homie Casket Factory Billboard Blow up!

Blaze Ya Dead Homie The Casket FactoryOn January 15th The Casket Factory was released onto the unsuspecting public. After much hype we all still did not know what to expect from Blaze- Ya Dead Homie’s first release on Majik Ninja Entertainment! Today, Blaze and MNE released the results of The Casket Factory‘s first week numbers, and they are better then you could have imagined. According to the post’s Blaze put up this afternoon he not only broke the 200, he broke into the 100. Currently The Casket Factory stands at number #89 on the top 200 chart! He stands at #42 in the Top Album Category! Number #5 in Top Rap and Number #4 in Indy!  Undoubtedly a huge achievement for Blaze and MNE. We can’t congratulate Blaze enough on his accomplishments with this album and its only the first week and the tour hasn’t head out yet!

The post also included a little bit of information about some exclusive updates that will be available to subscribers to Blaze’s youtube page, one being, a sneak peek into the next video to drop off of the album “Worm Food” which is set to drop on Sunday January 31st! The past few weeks have been very exciting over at MNE with many announcements over the past week alone. This win is just one more indication that this year truly will be, the year of the Ninja. If you haven’t already, head over and read our first impressions review of the Casket Factory! Blaze Ya Dead Homie Album Review 2016

We are all very excited about this new era for Blaze, you cannot compare The Casket Factory to any other of Blaze’s previous releases. Everything to me is different and I think we would be doing a disservice to Blaze to compare the past to his current future. After hearing this I can only imagine what the response will be to the EP “The Casket Maker” that will be available on tour along side Lex the Hex the Hex Master’s EP “The Black Season”. If you havn’t gotten the album yet what are you waiting for! Go get it iTunes – – (DIGITAL EDITION) or Amazon – (DELUXE EDITION) or check out a local retailer near you!

So let’s keep giving blaze and all the Fam at MNE the support they deserve check out all of their youtube pages for exclusive content from all the artists!

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