Casket Factory Release Party Venue and Date Change!!!

Blaze’s Casket Factory Release Party has changed venues and dates. It’s going to be a day earlier on Janurary 14th. It’s still going to be in Cleveland, OH but will be at TheAgora instead. The flyer below gives a lot more freshness to the mix. The show is now free stating, “No one will be turned away!!” Then additional freshness of a free Meet and Greet. Just show up an hour early at 6 p.m. and you have a chance to see Blaze and have a photo op with the Casket Maker himself. The only other act mentioned on the flyer is The R.O.C. But the real attraction is Blaze performing his old shit along with his brand new never heard before songs from the Casket Factory. This put the release party a day ahead of the release so this may be your chance to get this album a day before everyone else.

casket factory release party venue change


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