caskey wish u were here short film double music video

Caskey Wish U Were Here Short Film: A Double Music Video

Caskey released what he dubs a short film entitled Wish U Were Here. The eight and half minute video features tracks from the Wish you Were Here EP. The EP came out just in time for Valentine’s Day though isn’t a sappy love album. The sullen love songs tell a story of a relationship falling apart. Caskey told HipHopDX the EP is about his girlfriend’s decision to go to Asia. Thus the lyrics, “I made a plan and put into motion. You made a plan to go across the ocean.”

The music video seems to be a replication of his girlfriend leaving. The short film is a mix of interactions between the couple and two songs from the EP, ‘Call Me’ and ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ starting the video off with the soft sounds of rain which is how the intro to the EP starts also. The video seems to be designed around the EP, for example, the visual match up with the original voice mail call in the beginning of the song ‘Call Me.’  ‘Call Me’ seems to be a fan favorite if you look at social media. So, it’s no wonder it’s the first song in this short film. Then, of course, how else are you going to end a break up story than to ask ‘Where Do We Go From Here.’  It’s a touching music video that pulls on your heart strings.

Wish U Were Here Short Film

If you haven’t check out the Wish U Were Here EP, it’s on SoundCloud. If you enjoy it, you can download the EP from DatPiff.

Stay tuned for more Caskey news. He plans on recording visuals for Black Sheep 3. Plus, he’s gearing up for a whole new project. “I’m getting the studio built right now,” he concludes. “I’m going content crazy—high quality content.”

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