Celebrity Juggalos Are Revealed?


Remember Menace’s post, “17 Famous People Who Look Even Better As Juggalos,” earlier this month?  Remember how Breck used photoshop to “bring out” the Juggalo in some pretty famous people; celebrity juggalos? Well now themusic.com.au states another anonymous is exposing celebrities as juggalos.

The main database where the photos are found is on Tumblr under a blog called: Undercover Juggalo.  Those that were “revealed” are Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton.

However, there are only five pictures and the Tumblr page has not been updated since with more.  It’s making themusic.com.au a little worried but they hope there’ll be more to come soon.

Check out the photos below, all captured by the anonymous Undercover Juggalo.


juggalo_pitt_H_0815juggalo_cosby_H_0815juggalo_tom_cruise_H_0815.c93fe49de09b2de9701ad9ba5d47b839 juggalo_trump_H_0815juggalo_hillary_H_0815