CES Cru’s Reddit Ask Me Anything

25 Best Things we learned from CES Cru’s Reddit Ask Me Anything is nothing but the best and interesting things we have read on Reddit lately. Here are just a few Reddit posts that we have put up for you all to enjoy. To read the full 25 Best Things We Learned From CES Cru’s Reddit Ask Me Anything, you can find it all HERE

TITS_MAGEE – Who Smokes the most in Strange?
when I’m on my bullshit, me 100% or godemis or noms might be a runner up

MrFattie – Are their any trends in today’s hip hop that annoy you?
over autotuned verses. like nails on a chalkboard :< BirkaBirkowski – Ubiquitous, I just wanted to say that there was a time when my girlfriend hated rap and hip hop. Then one day, on a long car ride, I put in Constant Energy Struggles and is now dying to see you guys live and hear more and more of your material. Kudos As for my question: what non-rapper historical figures would you put into a cypher? Bobby Kennedy



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