Deftones, Chino Will Play For A Private Intimate Show Inside A Volcano

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Deftones frontman  Chino Moreno is headed to Iceland this week to perform at the Secret Solstice festival. After looking at the lineup for this festival, I wish I was going. However, that’s not why I’m writing this. I caught the wind that Chino, after the Deftones performance will be performing a private intimate set for about twenty or so people Inside Thrihnuagigur volcano!

That’s mad crazy. That is like some Dethklok stuff if I have ever heard anything. As far as we know this is the first time a performer has ever performed a musical set inside of a volcano. I’ve heard of shows being performed in the vicinity of a volcano (Pink Floyd for instance), but never inside of one.

You know this acoustical set would be one to cherish forever, especially if you’re a fan!

After doing a little bit more research, this may blow your frigging wig. The Secret Solstice is not like any other music festival. The price of a VIP ticket runs one million USD! To think some people complain about $400 but I digress ( In KG fashion). Check out what comes with the ticket, though:

  • Private chartered business jet (Gulfstream G300 or similar) return to Iceland from any destination on Earth accommodating six people
  • 24/7 access to two luxury cars, personal drivers, and private security for the entire week in Iceland
  • Luxury 6-room villa for 7 nights in the center of Reykjavík over the Secret Solstice 2016 festival week
  • Exclusive admittance to Secret Solstice 2016 for six people, including chaperoned access to off-limits areas of the festival site where possible
  • Access to the sold out Secret Solstice presents Inside The Volcano event, the world’s first concert inside a volcano over the Secret Solstice 2016 weekend, including helicopter transfers from Reykjavík
  • Private viewing areas for all major acts at Secret Solstice 2016, where possible
  • Access to the private VIP artists bar on the festival site, only accessible by the main stage artists and super-VIP guests
  • The world famous Blue Lagoon reserved privately for an evening for the ticket purchasers and their invited guests, plus helicopter transfers for the ticketholders to the Blue Lagoon from Reykjavík
  • Access to the sold out Secret Solstice presents Inside The Glacier event, the world’s only event inside Langjökull glacier, including. helicopter transfers from Reykjavík
  • Access to the Secret Lagoon party in a 120+-year-old geothermal lagoon (Iceland’s oldest), including helicopter, transfers from Reykjavík
  • Access to Secret Solstice 2016’s Midnight Sun Boat Party
  • Private concert outside Reykjavík by prominent Icelandic act in a lava field, including helicopter transfers to the location
  • Private show at the guests’ holiday residence in Iceland by prominent Icelandic act
  • Private half-day Icelandic nature helicopter tour, to experience Iceland’s incredible natural sights from the air, with champagne lunch at a geothermal hotspot
  • Personal engraved and framed memorial ticket for each guest, made from Icelandic lava rock
  • 24/7 access to personal assistants during your stay in Iceland
  • Private Icelandic dining experience with a prominent Icelandic chef personal chef at your holiday residence on a chosen night during your stay
  • Private Icelandic food experiences on site at Secret Solstice 2016 on request
  • Introductions possible to Secret Solstice 2016 artists
  • All food/drinks at Secret Solstice 2016, including hyper-premium drinks
  • Private whale & dolphin watching tour
  • Private airplane day tour over Iceland’s south coast, including Vatnajökull glacier and the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon
  • Midnight sun glacier walks on top of a glacier in Iceland with the sun still up after midnight, including helicopter transfers from Reykjavík, and a private glacier snowmobile experience
  • Private tours of any additional Icelandic holiday/tourist experiences where possible, with time permitting

Now that’s what I call having a freaking Balla Pass! Thanks for reading and be sure to share this with someone who would dig it. MCL

Check out this video TJF witnessed from the Deftones at SxSw this year in Austin, Tx

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