Coffin Break Episode 24 – Blaze Ya Dead Homie talks about Xbox One is dumbCoffin Break

The latest edition of Coffin Break with Blaze Ya Dead Homie is out.  In this edition he rants about the Xbox One.  I’ll let ya take a peep and give ya my thought real quickly.

This is Coffin Break Episode 24. On this episode of Coffin Break Blaze Ya Dead Homie talks about how Xbox One is dumb. Blaze doesnt like that you have to load all of your games on the hard drive to play them. What do you think?

I’ve never owned a PS3 or PS4. I’m not a “fan boy” for Xbox, either. However, PS3 and PS4 have also required the same thing 🙂 No disrespect intended, to each their own. Regardless that the latest edition of Coffin Break. Hope y’all enjoyed



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