Coffin Break – Episodes 25, 26, & 27 of Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Coffin Break Episodes 25, 26, & 27

Coffin Break

Coffin Break Episode 25:  Para-NOTHING Activity

“Oh man.  Had a wonder time out on tour, and one of the things I did get a chance to check out with my tourin brethren was the movie, Paranormal Activity 6.  I just figured I’d just come on and give my review about it.  I was extremely disappointed, probably to the point where I might have walked out.  Ya have to put two and two together here and figure out, this the reason we stayed is cause of the comfort of the theater we were in…  The movie was completely horrible.  I feel like I left the movie…actually stupider than I was before that.  I want to see apparition or something man.  Show me a real ghost or some type of shit.  Everything is forced.  When you watch it happen, it’s forced.  It’s not scary.  Are there ghosts?  What’s this goo?  What’s this old camera doing in here and who gives a fuck about a camera from 1978?  It’s a long, fucking, non-ending movie of nothingness.  Then you get to a couple of parts where you’re like eh, eh, and them weren’t even scary.  I don’t think we’ve seen it all because…”

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Coffin Break Episode 26: Sandwich Conspiracy?

“Back once again, it’s been a minute right?  I had some real shit I needed to talk about which was crazy as fuck.  Everybody’s talking about them meats and the cold cuts, and all that crazy shit right now.  It’s causing cancer.  They’re just finding this out right now?  It sounds like it could be a conspiracy against Subway maybe?  Bear with me — I started watching some shit on TV and seen something about Jerry Fogle, aka the spokesman.  It was like, what the fuck?  Then I really started researching and seeing somebody was on Dr. Phil talking about this mutherfucker.  Then I heard him and I was like Oh my God!  This mutherfucker is sick.  You know everybody knows about him touching kids or talking to kids or talking to some lady and finding about about it.  What further got me thinking…

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Coffin Break Episode 27: Enough Ralphie!

“Seems like it’s been 15 years of even running this fucking Christmas story like over and over.  It just goes on and on for 24 hours a Christmas.  I just can’t take it anymore.  Somebody just shoot Ralphie with the damn BB Gun in the eye already and get it done with so we can start watching something else.  Cause I’m tired of this shit.  Got me to thinking like what the fuck’s going on and how long are we gonna let this happening til we get another movie — another Christmas movie — that goes 24 hours.  Or something else.  Like man, I don’t know…”

Watch the episode to hear the rest.



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