Author Corey Phillips Is Also A Proud Juggalo

Corey Phillips

Corey Phillips is an artist originally from Independence, Missouri, and is also the author of popular coloring book, Take The Crayon. It is based off of the Royals baseball team, of which he is a big fan. As a result of the fame he gained from his book, people have wanted to know more about what makes the artist tick. While he has a lot going on in his life, Phillips was able to take some time to sit down with The Pitch website and talk about how the idea for his coloring book came about. Stating it was, “…actually an unplanned thing…” he goes into further detail about what made his art come to life as something to market.

While speaking of several other details that make him who he is, he mentioned that he is actually a Juggalo! When asked what he can’t stop listening to, he responded with,

“Insane Clown Posse. There’s something about the mythology of the Dark Carnival, something about the air of mystery in a big-top circus tent, surrounded by lights and games and prizes and shows and rides. Sometimes music can intervene in your life at a time when you don’t think anything else will. I may not be a kid anymore, but It won’t ever stop being special to me. Shout out to all my Juggalos and Juggalettes! Whoop whoop”.

Juggalos and Juggalettes have always been well-known for having artistic skills, and Corey Phillips is certainly another good example of that! So much so that even the Wicked Clowns themselves commend Corey for his abilities and family love. You can check out the rest of his interview on The Pitch and purchase his coloring book on his website.

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