Corey Taylor Answers YOUR Questions

Corey Taylor

Metal band Slipknot are currently touring in the UK, and just last week, The Guardian website prompted fans to submit questions for lead vocalist, Corey Taylor. While the original live chat did not go as planned, Taylor answered fan questions, nonetheless. Taylor is typically very outspoken when answering fan questions, and this time was certainly no different. Many of them circulated around the music scene in which Slipknot has been a part of since 1999, as well as many personal aspects, including speaking out on his political stance. In this intimate interview, fans get to see a bit into the mind of the famous vocalist and what makes him and his band tick. One of the questions as well as Taylor’s response really set the vibe of him being a down-to-earth and hardly fake person:

He was asked: What is your response to Phil Anselmo’s Nazi salute, and how can we work to eradicate racism from metal?

Taylor’s response: “I’ve been watching this all and I’ve kept mum for the most part, because I wasn’t there. So I don’t know the background on what happened, I haven’t seen the video of it – though I’ve been told by many people that it’s blatant, and there’s no way to misrepresent what was done.

I will say this. This is a bigger problem than what happened that night. Slipknot has dedicated itself to bringing people together, to fighting racism, to fighting hate in general since the day we were started. I don’t have time for people who judge other people by the colour of their skin. If that in itself offends some of my fans, then I’m sorry, you’re wrong. I don’t ever want our fans to feel like we’re judging them because of colour, religion, culture, upbringing, etc. We welcome everyone, we always have and we always will.

I know there is a problem in metal, and it all comes down to, at least in America, where you grow up and what that culture is passed on from: parents, family members, friends, adults. It’s a generational thing. I thought we were close to phasing it out, but unfortunately I was proven wrong. So I just dedicate myself to fighting it. It’s across the board in music, though – it’s not a specifically metal thing. But it has come up in the metal community. It’s risen its ugly head because of the incident we’re talking about.

But I’ve not only played a lot of metal shows, I’ve been to a lot of metal shows, and I know for a fact they are quite diverse and they always have been. We welcome the tribe of misfits – we’re the island of misfit toys, and we always have been. It will take very little to eradicate racism from metal because the majority of it isn’t racist”.

Many more of the questions and answers are very in-depth and interesting, so it is highly recommended that you check it out! To read the rest of the interview, it can be found on The Guardian website.

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