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Cypher III Music  Video Dropped Today: The Fourth Cypher Music Video from Strangeulation Vol. II

For those wondering where the third cypher went when Strange Music uploaded a video for Cypher I, II, and then IV your wondering is over. The music video for Cypher III from Tech N9ne’s Strageulation Vol. II dropped today. This Cypher can really Whip It, especially the hook. Cypher III features Big Scoob and Strange Music new arrival JL. You get a hard hitting performance from each. Now we just need a video for Cypher V and we’ll have the whole set.

The fourth cypher video still follows the emcee at the mic motif. A single bar of light shines on a couple rappers just starting to enter the lime light. It looks as those they are rapping in some dark creepy room. The open doors in the background maybe a symbol of these less known artists on the label to get heard.

Big Scoob has just recently emerged from a hiatus to bring the the heat on this album and a new album in the works. Back in November the big guy discussed in a SM Exclusive interview his coming back to music, new project, and involvement in Strangeulation Vol I and II. Big Scoob schooled his verse not just on this cypher but also on Push Start and his verse on the first Strangeulation album. His take on these recent verses explains how he has changed his style to satisfy fans.

It’s part of my evolution. I usually do whatever the beat tells me to do. My favorite rapper of all time is probably Scarface, with 8Ball being a close second. They don’t do pattern and word play. They tell it to you straight, and they’re two of the dopest guys to do it in my opinion.

What I’m on is – I was really trying to just say, if I speed my lyrics up, Strange fans will like me better, but I’m not saying anything different. I’m saying the same shit, but every time I speed my patterns up or give a different delivery, it’s like “Oh shit! Scoob killed it!” Well, it’s the same shit. I didn’t change. It’s still who I am. I throw a little bit of everything in there, but usually I just do what the beat tells me to do.

Big Scoob also gave a little insight into how he ended up on a track with just signed JL. JL is not someone he is close to but they have a brief history. The real magic is their end product below.

Honestly, I really don’t know the youngster like that. I remember when he was a kid. I remember they were on the block, but he’s much younger than me, so we don’t really have a bond like that. But the house we used to be at on 56th Highland, he used to stay right across from it.

Yeah, Tech told us that you were the guy telling him to get out of the way so you could pull into the driveway.

Yeah, they was youngsters.

What can you tell me about that cypher track? You guys both go off.

Actually, I thought I was doing a track with Stevie Stone. That’s what I was told, but when I got to the studio, Stone had changed his track. He preferred another beat better. So I didn’t know who I was gonna be on the track with, and then I end up finding out I was on a track with JL.

Have you been able to hear the whole track?

Yeah, I heard it when I came and shot the little video for it.

How do you like how it came out?

It was dope.

We get a taste of newcomer JL with this new video and the track itself, of course. JL has been on other Tech N9ne tracks but these are the first to be released just after the announcement of his signing. His performance may just leave you wanting more from this Strange Music youngster.

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