Strange Music uploaded another Strangeulation Vol. II music video yesterday. Cypher IV is the third of a series of cypher music videos from the new Tech N9ne Collabos album. They continued with the traditional rapping at the mic theme, but in this one we get some flashy camera moves like the music is making the camera shake. The choppiness of the video really fits with the chopper beat. It’s visual chopping of choppers. The background really lights these choppers up too. cypher IV

Speaking of choppers. The first at bat or mic rather is Krizz Kaliko opening his verse with a mighty, “Here we go again!” Krizz chopped it up on Midwest Choppers to this beat. Now he schools it again on Cypher IV possibly even out doing his previous performance on the original track. He was asked about the difficultly of essentially redoing this track in a StrangeMusic Exclusive interview.

Were you at all hesitant to spit over a beat you’ve already spit on?

Only that one. I’m not hesitant of the idea of spitting over a beat that I’ve spit over already, but I am of that particular one, because that was really tough.

That’s already a classic Krizz Kaliko verse. When I think about your verses that I remember and ones that really stick out, that’s definitely one of them.

That’s why I started like that: “I guess I’m back at it again!” That’s the first thing I thought when he said “I want you to do “Midwest Choppers” again,” and I knew I had to top that one. I’m like “Because they know I write the back out of a pen.” That’s why he chose me. I’ll blow a pen up.

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Next on the mic in just a blink of an eye is Rittz. So, is that a surprise or what? Rittz chopping? Though forgetful at first he’s on a chopper beat he comes to his senses and gives us a chopping you’ll never forget. Maybe this will lead to more Rittz chopper tracks. He explains his point of view of breaking into an unfamiliar territory on Cypher IV in a StrangeMusic Exclusive Interview.

Speaking of the beat that you got, obviously you got the original “Midwest Choppers“, which is crazy, and I think that’s a huge treat for the fans because they’ve wanted you on a Chopper track for a minute now. Did that placement carry any extra weight for you? When you’re in the writing process, did you know that this is going to be a big deal for the fans?

Yeah I did. And that was the thing. With the Chopper record, I was like, “What [beat] is this?” Then when I first heard it, I was like, “Oh shit, this is the ‘Midwest Choppers’ beat.” And I’m like, “Does this mean I have to rap as fast as I can? What’s Rittz going to do on a Choppers beat? How is Rittz going to be a Chopper? What’s his verse going to be like?”

So instead, I just kinda did the opposite. Well, not the opposite, but I went ahead and just wrote from the top of my head. There were a lot of punch lines and metaphors, and at the end, I was like, [raps part of verse].

I wrote about some regular shit and was like, “Oh shit! This is what ya’ll wanted to hear. Let me show you how easy I can do it real fast.” That’s not a downplay or anything. I was rapping and at the end I was like, “Oh shit I forgot this was a Chopper song”…and just started chopping it up for them real fast.

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Lastly, we have another unexpected chopper, Prozak. Now he is a Strange Music artist, though not the one that comes to mind when you’re listing off choppers. But, he killed his verse and proved he can keep up with the best of them. There is a lot of effects on this verse with a handful of voice drops and the classic, “Strange!” Strange Music likes to lay on you at the end of every one of their songs on youtube. Cypher IV wasn’t the first time Krizz and Prozak have collaborated together. Recently, Krizz and Prozak along with Tech N9ne collaborated on “Purgatory” from Prozak’s latest album, Black Ink.

Though, that track isn’t anything like the one you are about to listen to. Pull up a chair and enjoy.

 Strangeulation Vol. II “Cypher IV”

 Featuring Krizz Kaliko, Rittz & Prozak


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