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Cypher V Music Video Dropped like a Bomb

Today, Strange Music dropped the Cypher V Music Video. Now, we finally have the whole set of cypher music videos from Strangulation Vol. II. Cypher V features Strange Music artists MURS, Bernz, and Wrechonize. All three artists schooled their delivery. That should only be expected for the “He’s a Mental Giant” beat. Being under 3 minutes seems the only downside to this track.

The Cypher V music video follows the emcee at the mic theme seen in previous cypher videos. But, in this cypher video they’re in the dark. The crazy camera moves and red light flashes emphasize the dope ass beat and hard hitting raps. The true genius of these videos is the display of the artists’ talents like the Strangulation album itself.

It’s all just what Tech N9ne planned. These artists showed what they can do with an already great track. They definitely stepped up their game and showed why they made it to Strange Music. Having such a high bar to reach for with each of the classic Tech cyphers pushed these artists to do their best. It absolutely shows and isn’t going unnoticed.

All the Strange Music artists showed how they were a mental giant in this track. It all starts with MURS killing the track and repping his Strange Music charm. Then we have the Mayday duo tearing the track up. First Bernz lays sweet futuristic rhymes over the flowing beat. Then the star verse was Wrechonize, who gave a mind blowing chopper performance.  “He’s a Mental Giant,” though a beloved classic, really fit for this fast paced slaughter of the music industry.

Cypher V


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