Dallas finds its’ Missing Link

Marvelous Missing Link

The aura of the spirit of Dark Carnival was strong in Dallas


Insane Clown Posse, Payable On Death, DJ Paul, Young Wicked, Dope D.O.D. at
SouthSide Ballroom in Dallas, Tx for the Marvelous Missing Link Tour.

The Marvelous Missing Link tour arrived in Dallas last night. It had been a long 5 years in the making for this clown town. For the past few tours that ICP has done, they haven’t made it their way to one of the original clown towns. So this night was guaranteed to be an extra special one for all the Dallas/Fort Worth Juggalos.

I arrived a couple hours early to the show to catch some tailgating action. Upon arrival, I ran into good homies Scotty & Amanda D from Faygoluvers. It’s always good to be in their company no matter the occasion. As I made my way to the Box Office of SouthSide Ballroom, I collected TJF’s press passes for the show. The PR lady there was a very nice lady and was very accommodating. That’s always appreciated. 

At this time, I met up with TJF photographer Ed Steele, who was not only shooting for us but also the Dallas Observer (click the hyper-link for those photos). We made our way down the venue corridor, and to our shock we saw the lights go dark and the show was beginning. It appeared to be Dope D.O.D. going on first, so I messaged Scotty to get inside and we ran for the barricade.

Marvelous Missing Link

Dope D.O.D. photo by TJF photog Ed Steele

As  I don’t know a lot about Dope D.O.D., except for what I caught at the Gathering of the Juggalos this year. They did start the show off right. Coming out in skull masks and putting it down for the Dallas fam. in the meantime, the rest of the Juggalos were still going through security checks at the front gate.

Marvelous Missing Link

Young Wicked photo by TJF photog Ed Steele

Fortunately, the Juggalos were starting to pile in and Young Wicked was up next. Young Wicked who is one half of the Axe Murder Boyz and recently just released Slaughter, a solo effort. His ingenious rhyme skills warranted his raps were delivered with precision and hit home to me with some personal tragedies I’ve recently had to endure. It literally gave me goose bumps. YW next time I see you, your getting a hug homie. I needed that release last night.

Marvelous Missing Link Tour

DJ Paul KOM Photo by TJF photog Ed Steele

Up next was the legendary DJ Paul (Three 6 Mafia,Killjoy Club, Da Mafia 6ix) who has a new album out through Psychopathic RecordsMaster of Evil“. DJ Paul, who was added to the tour bill shortly after Stitches was dropped from the bill to care for his new born baby. I didn’t get a “Brick In Yo Face” but what juggalo would complain about witnessing this hip hop legend performing classics such as  Sippin on Some Syrup, Slob on My KnobPoppin My Collar, Ridin Spinnaz and other songs so gangsta that you thought you were driving through Pleasant Grove on a Saturday night.

Payable on Death or as most know them as POD, were next. This was an extra special set for me. I have been a POD fan since their “Brown” album. Both my best friend and my brother were big fans of theirs as well. I’ve lost them both within 10 years of each other. It was good to hear them playing music from a multitude of their catalog including their new album The Awakening“.

“Every song ultimately explores a character dealing with life, making mistakes, fighting, trying.” -Sonny Sandoval, POD

Hearing tracks such as Youth of a NationAlive, and  This Goes Out to You definitely begin to stir up emotions. Just as if I was on the wagon to Shangri-La


Now for the moment this clown town has been dying for, ICP! With a pitch blackness in the venue and the nervous security guards in the barricade, we wait. Then suddenly, we all hear Michael Buffer’s “Let’s get ready to ruuuuumble!“. Then comes the Ultimate Warrior styled intro music, and the Duke of the Wicked & the Southwest Strangla emerge upon the stage. Explosions was the first track and with Young Wicked doing the chorus and back up vocals, it sounded amazing! They played tracked from both decks of Joker Cards including In Yo Face, Chicken Huntin’,Dead Body Man, The Neden Game, Bitches, Fuck The World and many more.


We had to catch a pic of the aftermath of it all

Post ICP show

Post ICP show



The electricity was in the air this night, and the Dark Carnival was in full effect. By the end of of it all, everyone was embraced in family love. This tour stop was way long overdue, and we are already anticipating the Riddlebox tour to come through. Me personally, I would love to see that tour come through at the Bomb Factory in Dallas. Not to mention the option to live stream that show. One can only hope that it happens. Until then, we will see you all at Hallowicked in a few short weeks!