Dallas Observer is covering The Gathering of The Juggalos

Dallas Observer

Image Courtesy from juggalogathering.com

The Dallas Observer is out at The Gathering of The Juggalos and they are covering stories of what is going on each and everyday. For Day one of the Gathering, they talk about the adventure of going into the Gathering for the first time and what it is like being there. Dallas Observer Stanton Brasher tells how Truejuggalofamily.com Menace and Naptown Mike the Experts in Juggalo Culture, have walked with him and told him all kinds of things to expect. Stanton talked with Naptown Mike and told him of the LONG and sleepless journey they took from Dallas, Texas to Thornville, Ohio. Mike told Stanton that he expressed his feelings on the “road trip guilt”, but Stanton quickly corrected him by saying its a “Road Trip Privilege.” As the day lingered on the party in the parking lot before the gates opened, the police that were there to make sure Juggalos didn’t get out of hand. Rumors went flying that a Juggalo was injured with a broken leg, but that was just a rumor that went sailing across the campgrounds.  To read the complete article that was published in The Dallas Observer, Click HERE for the full article.



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