Damien ritter speaks out aobut fall of funk volume

Damien Ritter speaks out on the fall of FUNK VOLUME!

Following in the wake of Hopsin latest ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 8 video, ex-manager and co-owner of Funk Volume, Damin Ritter, has publicly released this lengthy yet truly informative video detailing the events leading up to the fall of Funk Volume. It’s an interesting depiction of how a failure to communicate, even with the greatest of intentions, can lead to the inevitable demise of something positive. Fans of the recently ended label have been waiting eagerly for any solid information regarding the split since January. Twitter posts from Hopsin clearly began to show an increasing rift between Hopsin and Damien, two long-time standing friends and business partners. What comes next? Well, Damien Ritter continues to employ artists Dizzy Wright and Swizzz, while Jarren Benton has amicably parted ways. Hopsin, on the other hand, has moved on and created a new label, Undercover Prodogy. It should be exciting to see where it goes from here.

Damien Ritter’s Response to Hopsin

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