Damien Ritter Speaks on Status of Funk Volume

As people may know, Funk Volume has come to an end. Damien Ritter, one half of the label’s owners, took to Facebook last night, Janruary 31st, to clear some of the air. You can tell he was kind of blindsided by the falling out with Hopsin, and still kind of coming to terms with how and why it happened. Below is the post Ritter posted to his Facebook last night:

Hopefully that clears some things up for people wondering what is going on with Funk Volume. 7 years seemed to have flown by since Funk Volume started out, and they put out a lot of great music and tours. Now, as you can see, Damien Ritter is still working alongside Dizzy Wright, releasing “Wisdom and Good Vibes” EP this Friday. As far as the other artists who were on the label? Only time will tell.



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