Daniel Bryan WWE Former Champ RETIRES

Daniel Bryan

Ahh! This was horrible news to wake up to this morning. Daniel Bryan, former WWE’s Heavyweight Champ has immediately announced his retirement via Twitter. Daniel plans to address this decision tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw. Those who keep up with Daniel know that he has had some pretty brutal neck injuries ( 3 Tombstone Piledrivers by Kane!) which had us all questioning was it Real/Fake? He’s been out of the ring since April! They even expressed this issue on an episodes of Raw, Divas, Etc- is it totally REAL..or ?! Fans have even caught him within the last 24 hours with a new image! My wish for Daniel is to get well and rest out of the ring, but to continue on WWE maybe as a backstage interviewer or somehow still be a part of RAW out of the ring. But once again, I leave you with…. Is this real or is he “working” us? You make the call below! YES! YES! YES!

~ MzHollywood

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