.Into The Echoside dark carnival game con

Do You Like Dark Carnival Games? Then You’ll Want in on This!

Jumpsteady jumped in amongst all the wig splitting news at the ICP seminar to announce a new card game and a Dark Carnival Game Con. The Juggalo gaming community it really getting some new toys and special events. We may just see a growth of this part of the Juggalo Community.

Not all Juggalos are into gaming but many are. Now those game loving ninjas have their own gaming convention. It’s to take place in Detroit. Though, it’s just in the works as of right now. No specific place or time has been stated but it’s going down. You will get to play all the Dark Carnival games like Quest for Shangri-la and Into the Echoside. I played the new Echoside game at the Gathering and it is unlike anything I’ve have ever played before. It is definitely unique just like this new convention. You’ll be able to game your butt off with homies from all over who made the trek to one of the most unique gaming conventions on Earth.

Jumpsteady also announced a new Dark Carnival game to be released Christamas time. It’s a Juggalo twist of the Cards Against Humanity game called Juggalos Against Humanity. This should be a pretty entertaining game any Juggalo should love. Cards Against Humanity is kind of like a mad libs game of sorts. You have one set of cards with sentences with blanks and another set with words and pharse to fill in the blanks to make outragous senarios. The Juggalo version should prove to be hilarious. I can’t wait to see this!

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