Dark Carnival Games: Dive Into The NethervoidDark Carnival Games

It’s no secret that Juggalos are gamers.  Juggalos have been wanting to see some Juggalo games and it appears that Psychopathic Records is ready to oblige with some Dark Carnival Games.  Starting at the Gathering Of The Juggalos 17.  Into The EchoSide: The Card Game will become available this year at GOTJ 17.  Do you dare delve into the deepest levels of the nethervoid? Coming the following Fall 2016 will be the inaugural Dark Carnival Games Con.

With J recently revealing that Wizard Of The Hood performance at GOTJ 17, and the latest gaming news it appears that Psychopathic has some big plans brewing for 2016.  We look forward to dropping the news as it unfolds!

The ads pictured above can be seen in the booklet for The Phantom EP available here and on the RassleRap Charity Tour.